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5 THINGS TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP THRIVE Being in your twenties and early thirties is all about relationships with a major focus on dating. As I went through my twenties I learned a lot about dating and my view of what I wanted changed as I matured. Part of it had to do with lacking my father my whole life. I had my grandpa as my father figure but it’s not the same. I didn’t realize that until I was 27. Having an absent dad lead me to crave attention from guys and want security. I think that’s why I fell madly in love with a guy way older than me. A year or so after that relationship (my now boyfriend) mentioned to me that you do not really get to know someone for at least 6 months after you meet. I agreed with this, and being friends with someone before dating seems impossible these days but a great way to enter into a relationship. There’s a fine line between trying to be friends with the opposite sex and dating them. In my very early twenties here is the advice I told my

Adults Should Play

Kidult: Adults should play! “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”- George Bernard Shaw Kidult definition: Noun- an adult with an air of free-spiritedness; childlike inspirit. A person who knows how to have fun Adjective- Characteristic of an adult engaged in lighthearted behavior; to have a good, entertaining time Take a few minutes and think back to your younger years and what you did? Picture yourself first as a kid- did you play outside, read books, play sports, build Legos, do arts and crafts? Now picture yourself a littler older in high school? What emotions were present at those times? What energy did you feel?  Two emotions I feel when “playing” are joy and connection. Two things I really value in life, and two things I felt as a kid. I can feel this way when I’m playing Ping-Pong or games with my cousins, also when I’m engaging with my coworkers joking around with each other. It’s that simple. Somewhere in