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Consistency + Motivation = Results

This year I trained for my first national competition called CG Games (Camp Gladiator). Not only did I have to be strong, and agile but have endurance, and speed as well. There are 5 events: strength, agility, endurance, interval and peak (which was an obstacle course). It took months of training leading up to nationals to really see a difference in my strength and speed and that’s what I want to teach you- that consistent action over time is what gets results . You cannot expect to workout one day and wake up the next morning with your body looking different. You cannot choose to eat right one day and expect to lose weight. It takes consistent action over time. They key is consistent! You have to be patient and one day you will see a difference. Also, in order to reach your goals you have to know your WHY, your motivation for change. I learned a big lesson in this but once I got mine I remembered it in the hard times. I remembered it when I woke up at 5 in the morning a

WHY- 7 Layers Deep

When we need to find motivation for change We Start by Digging Deep Into Our WHY We all have struggles in reaching our goals, but without knowing WHY we have them it’s easy to slip and get off track. This exercise is called “LOOKING 7 LEVELS DEEP” and here’s what you do: Write down the #1 reason why you have this goal ___________________________ Then LOOK ANOTHER LEVEL DEEPER and ask yourself why that #1 reason is important to you? Then go even 5 more levels deep until you’ve asked yourself WHY to your previous answer 7 Levels deep. Once you have THE FINAL 7th level WHY, please share it with me so I can keep you accountable. Here is an example of how to go 7 levels deep: I want to lose 10 lbs I want to lose 10 lbs because I feel unhealthy I don’t want to feel unhealthy because I’d like to have more energy for my partner & job. I’d like to have more energy for my partner and job because I’m missing out on spending quality time with him/her