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FUN Partner Workout

Working out is always better with a buddy, so grab a friend and sweat together. *For this workout you will need a TRX suspension trainer, but I have included a substitution if you do not have one at your gym. Instructions : One partner will be doing a HOLD while the other does REPS. Start with 1 REP and then 2, up to 6. Example : Partner A does 1 TRX Row (while the other is holding). Then Partner B does 1 TRX Row (while partner A is holding). Partner A does 2 Rows, then Partner B 2 Rows, etc. Keep alternating back and forth until you get to 6. Exercise 1: TRX Rows (or supermans laying on mat)/ Row HOLD Exercise 2: Squats (squat jump for advanced option)/ Squat HOLD Exercise 3: TRX Pushup (Or regular pushups on ground)/ Pushup HOLD Exercise 4: V ups/Boat pose HOLD Exercise 5: Bridges/ Bridge HOLD Second time around you can start with 6 REPS of each and go down to 1. ***THRIVE on!*** AUTHOR: Amanda Fontaine is considered th