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How to Achieve Work/Life Balance

First blog in the series was an overview of work/life balance and what it means . Now we will dive deeper in on How to Achieve Work/Life Balance. Some main points: 1- Make time to connect with others #relationships There was a Ted Talk 75 year study on happiness and those people who were happier were those who actively worked to replace workmates with new playmates. What are you doing to develop new relationships or grow deeper in the ones you have? 2- Say NO It’s okay to say no sometimes. A “no” doesn’t have to mean a no forever, but it can mean a no for right now. Saying no to some things is crucial to achieving work/life balance and it’s a powerful thing. 3- REST Take 1 day a week and do not do any work. Just try it and maybe you’ll see that you feel more rejuvenated and get more work done on other days of the week. You can use this as a renewal day, read a book and/or catch up with friends. Try not to just binge watch TV. Some TV is alright but it’s just a dis