Consistency + Motivation = Results

This year I trained for my first national competition called CG Games (Camp Gladiator). Not only did I have to be strong, and agile but have endurance, and speed as well. There are 5 events: strength, agility, endurance, interval and peak (which was an obstacle course). It took months of training leading up to nationals to really see a difference in my strength and speed and that’s what I want to teach you- that consistent action over time is what gets results.

You cannot expect to workout one day and wake up the next morning with your body looking different. You cannot choose to eat right one day and expect to lose weight. It takes consistent action over time. They key is consistent! You have to be patient and one day you will see a difference.

Also, in order to reach your goals you have to know your WHY, your motivation for change. I learned a big lesson in this but once I got mine I remembered it in the hard times. I remembered it when I woke up at 5 in the morning and drove 45 mins to go to a workout with my team (I hateeeeee mornings btw). I remembered it when I would feel like I was dying in my workouts, pushing myself past my limits and comfort zones. I remembered it when I didn’t feel like working out and wanted to just watch football on a Sunday. I had my north star and I was going to get there.

When I first started training my pride kicked in and my motivation was to be #1 in the country and win the cash prize. One thing I teach my clients about motivation is to go 7 layers deep, to really peel off the layer of their why. I decided that my motivation was based on things that are temporary and will shortly fade. I decided my happiness was not going to be based off of whether I won or not. I decided my why would be to be an example to those around me of how you should stick with the hard things even when it’s not easy. Small things every day add up. Think about where you could be 1 year or 6 months from now if you start by just drinking more water every day, or getting one extra workout in a week, or not eating that snack before bedtime.

Here’s your challenge: pick one small thing that you want to improve on or get better at. Find your motivation (WHY- 7 Layers Deep, not just surface level) and go get results.

>>>Stay Consistent
>>Remember your WHY
>See Change



Amanda Fontaine is considered the Chief FUN Officer of Personal Training and Health/Fitness. She's a Personal Trainer at Empower and Founder of Thrive Alive. She specializes in creating FUN, creative yet challenging workouts for her clients and promoting a lifestyle of play for adults.


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