Pyramid Workout

Here is a FUN workout variation called Pyramid
  • Do 2 exercises and keep alternating as you increase the work to rest ratio. 
  • The timer increases and then decreases just like a pyramid. 
  • Entire set takes about 5 minutes. 

I created this timer with built in intervals in an app called Seconds Pro:

Sample of exercises:

A- 4 lunges (2 each side) + 2 burpees

*When timer stops, continue the sequence where you left off. For example- if you only did 4 lunges and 1 burpee, when the time starts again continue with the second burpee then back to lunges.*

B- 4 plank hip drops (rocking hips side to side, 2 each way) + 4 seated twists (2 each way)

C- 4 jumping jacks + cone run (about 5 yards- set a distance) and back

Grab a buddy and have FUN! ☺

AUTHOR: Amanda Fontaine is considered the Chief FUN Officer of Personal Training and Health/Fitness. She's a Personal Trainer at Empower and Founder of Thrive Alive. She specializes in creating FUN, creative yet challenging workouts for her clients and promoting a lifestyle of play for adults.


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